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Welcome to Passau, Germany! We present one of the most comprehensive selections of hotels in Passau available through the web, with detailed information on the hotels facilities, photos, maps, and secure reservation forms.
Whether you're on a budget or looking for luxury accommodations in Passau, our Passau hotels directory offers a wide range of possibilities for your stay, from cheap hotels, inns, motels, to deluxe hotels. Many hotels presented in this directory offer prices lower than the hotel official rates. These kind of offers are exclusive for and are available only when booked through our secure reservation forms.

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Ferienhotel Eibl-Brunner (Frauenau)
Holiday Inn
Konig Hotel from €59
Weisser Hase Hotel from €59

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Achat Hotel Passau
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Konig Hotel
Comfortable hotel with elegant rooms overlooking the Danube river, in the center of the old town, on the river bank.
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Rooms from €59 More details Book now
Weisser Hase Hotel
Elegant hotel housed in a historic building conveniently located in the heart of Passau.
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Rooms from €59 More details Book now

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