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Villa Hammerschmiede (Pfinztal-Soellingen / Karlsruhe) from €140

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Acora Hotel
Erbprinz Hotel
Queens Hotel (Niefern)
Renaissance Hotel
Residenz Hotel from €61
Santo Hotel
Schlosshotel Karlsruhe from €92
Watthalden (Ettlingen)

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Achat Hotel
Achat Hotel Bretten(Bretten)
Beim Hotel
Eden Hotel from €55
Kaiserhof Hotel
Rio Hotel from €66
Standke Hotel (Malsh)
Treff Hotel (Bad Herrenalb) from €49
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Villa Hammerschmiede
Set between Karlsruhe und Pforzheim, housed in a generous villa of the year 1893, hidden behind old treesand surrounded by a natural park, the Villa Hammerschmiede hotel provides a relaxed, uncomplicated and most of all personal atmosphere.
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